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frequently used excuses debunked

I can’t wash every day! Carbs are way too fattening!

Worry no more! There are lots of low-cal hamotzi options that allow you to wash every day... guilt-free! Here are a few:

- Shibolim matzah (85 calories)
- 647 bread (40 calories)
- Ezekiel bread (80 calories)

I don't have the time to bentch every day!

Bentching with kavanah usually takes
between 3-8 minutes. That’s less time
than it takes to toast bread! You can do it!

I’m just too lazy to bentch...

Are you also too lazy to receive
unlimited bracha from Hashem?
We think not. 😉

I don’t like washing because
I never remember to bentch...

It’s really easy to get distracted and forget
to bentch, but we got you. Here are a few
easy ways you can avoid that:

- When you sit down to eat, place a bentcher right next to your plate
- Set a bentching reminder on your phone
- Ask a family member to remind you to bentch

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